"influx v1 shell" unauthorized access

I have installed a fresh Version of Influx on a new machine. I wanted to edit some data the old way with influx v1 shell, like I used to do on my old machine.
First the command was not found, influx was not present in /usr/bin
So I copied it from my old machine. I could now access influx v1 shell.
But any acces to the database was denied with error “Unable to check databases: 401 Unauthorized: unauthorized access”
So if neccessary, I don’t recall any authorization steps for the v1 shell.
Can you help me out please.

@penholder The influx v1 shell command is part of the v2 influx CLI used to query InfluxDB v2 via InfluxQL. InfluxDB v2 requires authentication. You need to pass a token that has read access to the bucket you want to query.

Note that InfluxQL in v2 is read only. You won’t be able to write InfluxQL query results back to InfluxDB v2 with InfluxQL. SELECT ... INTO queries are not supported. For more information about using InfluxQL in v2, see Query data with InfluxQL | InfluxDB OSS v2 Documentation.