Influx Query: Find out if result value was filled


Suppose I have some raw data which has larger gaps in their.
I can easily ssue a query and let Influx fill missing values like so:

SELECT MEAN(value) AS c1 FROM SampleMeasurement WHERE time > '2017-11-01T00:00:00Z' GROUP BY time(1h) fill(linear)

I will get a result like this:

time                 c1
----                 --
2017-11-01T00:01:00Z 0
2017-11-01T00:02:00Z 3
2017-11-01T00:03:00Z 6
2017-11-01T00:04:00Z 10
2017-11-01T00:05:00Z 20
2017-11-01T00:06:00Z 23

In the application which processes the query, I’d like to know whether a point was filled or “real”. (I want to mark those points red in a graph for the user later on). So ideally, I’d like to get a result like this:

time                 c1    status
----                 --    ------
2017-11-01T00:00:00Z       MISS
2017-11-01T00:01:00Z 0     TRUE
2017-11-01T00:02:00Z 3     INTERPOLATED
2017-11-01T00:03:00Z 6     TRUE
2017-11-01T00:04:00Z 10    TRUE
2017-11-01T00:05:00Z 20    TRUE
2017-11-01T00:06:00Z 23    TRUE

Apart from the missing first value, how could I actually do this? I tried to formulate an INNER JOIN where I wanted to once us fill(linear) and once use fill(-1) because -1 can’t appear in my data and would thus indicate an invalid status, but didn’t get that query working.

Has anyone an idea?

Best regards