Influx OSS (v 2.7.0) process taking too much CPU

Environment Information

OS: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS
Influx DB OSS version: 2.7.0
Memory: 8GB
Processor: Intel Core i5-7500T
Disk capacity: 256GB
OS type: 64 bit
Windowing system: X11
CPU Info:

Database schema

We maintain 3 measurements namely

  1. data_15s
  2. data_5min
  3. data_1hr

Our server writes points in data_15s measurement every 15 seconds for all the devices. And data_5min and data_1hr contain downsampled data. data_5min contain downsampled data of the last 20 data_15s points and data_1hr contains downsampled data of last 12 points of data_5min measurement.

We maintain around 6 tags and we store around 160 fields.

Problem description

We just migrated from influx v1 to v2 and were doing testing on our product. We kept everything running for around 2 months and suddenly one day our PC started lagging too much after digging we found that the influx process was consuming around 300% CPU (we have 4 cores). We monitored CPU utilization at the start when there was no data and it was very normal at that time. We had never monitored CPU utilization after that until this happened. The database size was around 3.5GB at this time. Also we were successful in reproducing the issue multiple times using that dataset. Influx process took around 1.1 minutes to restart every time.

We have many multi-million dollar sites running smoothly in Influx version 1 having database size of around 250GB+.

IDK why Influxdb 2 is not working properly even for this small dataset. Also, IDK if I have messed up something.

We are stuck on this issue. Any help from the InfluxDB team would be appreciated.

Mentioned in Slack. But im not sure how to help with this issue. If anyone else has any ideas please let us know