Influx db using more than 200% cpu and 90% memory

I am using influxdb 1.8
I have created Java Spring boot service to get get data from influx.
But when I fire query through Java, influx process takes more than 200% CPU and 90% Memory and VM gets stuck.

I am using open source version.
VM has 16GB RAM

Any ways to improve performance of query?

Hello @Chaitanya.anpat,
Are you using the Java client?

Hi @Anaisdg
I am using as our influx version is 1.8

The 2.x client has backwards compatibility. I believe it also has several performance improvements from the 1.x client, but I don’t have the details.
@bednar can you please help here?

Hi @Chaitanya.anpat,

Could you share details about your query and your dataset? Do you use IFQL or Flux query?


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