Influx DB 0.8.6 after some time get error "Unable to connect to remote server for some client threads using InfluxDB.Net InfluxDb:WriteAsync


Could anyone let us know whether this can be solved.
What we do is to connect to influx db for writes in many threads with each thread using InfluDB.Net.InfluDb : WriteAsync for writing the series data. what i saw in influxDB VM is that just after connections go beyond some (may be just 200), WriteAsync starts to throw exceptions “Unable to connect to remote server” which looks like some transient error? Even after wait and retry we are still seeing the error.
Could any one help me with this



Hi, we have encountered absolutely the same behaviour on Azure VM about a week ago. Did you mange to resolve this?


We just solved the problem on our side.
Just for the record - we are using Influx 1.5.1 and were getting similar errors.
We ran Wireshark on the Azure VM and diagnosed that some of the messages do not reach the server. Then we inspected the code and realized that we were instantiating a new client each time we were sending a message which was leading to a problem in sending.
Please have a look here:

Influx DB client is HTTP based and the underlying reason is that on the Internet the connection is closed and it takes time to establish a new connection. It appears that over LAN the connection stays alive, even when it shall be closed. That is why there is literally no difference on LAN but only over the Internet.