Influx 1.4.2 crashing frequently while loading in large volume of data

I’ve been running a schema migration, and doing testing with our code. We’re migrating data from an external file format, into influx, and while doing this, it seems that influx is crashing, frequently, sometimes once an hour, or more.

I’m attempting to re-run the test with influx 1.5.2, to see if the problem re-produces.

Can someone at influx take a look at this crash, and see if it’s related to anything that’s been fixed. It would be nice to have confirmation that it was fixed, before I go through the effort to upgrade many production environments to a yet untested (to me) 1.5.2 version.

For anyone else that may have an issue like this, upgrading to 1.5.2 seemed to fix my issue, and memory usage was almost HALF what it was before! Amazing.

Great work Influxdata with the new 1.5 release.

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