Incosistent query times accessing InfluxDB Serverless from Python Flask app

We have recently migrated to InfluxDB Cloud Serverless and are currently seeing incosisntent query times when accessing data from the instance.

We use the FlightSQLClient as described in the Python tutorial which we intialize and close on the fly when the client is needed.

The problem is that the query times are incosistent. Ranging from <1 second to the full timeout of 10 seconds. Because the queries are fast every now and then I believe the issue does not lie in our query design but that it has something to do with how we initialize and handle the FlightSQLClient. Should we be creating a Singleton of the client when spinning up an instance? Are their concurrency issues when multiple instances try and use a similar FlightSQLClient to access Influx?

Any information on the topic is welcom.