If....else with Tags or Fields in string templates

In the documentation, there is this example of if else.

.message('{{ .ID }} is {{ if eq .Level "OK" }}alive{{ else }}dead{{ end }}: {{ index .Fields "emitted" | printf "%0.3f" }} points/10s.')

Makes sense. But if i’m trying to do {{ if eq .tagname “somevalue” }} it doesn’t work.
I cant find any documentation regarding “if … else” with tags or fields in string templates.

Is this “if … else” possible?


I figure out some of my issues.
this works:

var message = ‘{{ if eq .Tags.tagname “something” }} writeoutthistext {{ else }} writeoutsomeothertext {{ end }}’.

Now my question is can you string “if” statements together or “elseif”.
I have 4 possible situations, and need to string 4 if statements together.

Where is documentation on this and can this be done?



You can definitely string them together with an else if. My example is using the .Level tag but I think you might be able to change that to use your tag values, although to be honest I’ve not tried.

{{if eq .Level "CRITICAL"}}
                             some stuff

 <!--Begin WARNING Alert-->

{{ else if eq .Level "WARNING"}}
                           some other stuff
<!-- End WARNING Alert Message-->

{{ else}}
                      more stuff      


You should be able to insert as many “else if” as you want. As i say though, not sure if it works with tag values like you want. If your message is working with tag values like that i would assume it should work but ya never know

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