I can't get two metrics together with the rest from the script

Hi there! I have few (5+) VMs + telegraf 1.22.0 on them with inputs.exec module with python script which get CentOS interfaces properties (device name, assigned IP address,mask,status, type (vlan/ethernet) and dhcp range start and stop) and write it down in influxDB 1.8.10. Then i make a summary table in Grafana.
The problem is if make query in influx with all the metrics-start_range и stop_range return nothing, if i make query only with start_range and stop_range it return correct metrics.

What i am doing wrong? =)

it means that some of your points are missing that info, but not the others.
if you ask only for those 2 fields specifically you will get the data, as you are searching just those two.

Also note that you might get unexpected results due to sorting

By default, InfluxDB returns results in ascending time order

It means that your query is always reading the oldest point in your database

note: Next time post text screenshots, it makes reading and referencing stuff harder

Thanks for reply! about the note-I’ll take it =)