Huge Difference in Graphs of Prometheus & InfluxDB for same data

I am collecting data of a network device over SNMP & storing it in Prometheus & InfluxDB ( via Prometheus Remote write). But the graph’s ranges are drastically different, Prometheus in Mbps range while Influx in Gbps range. Why?

I am scraping the data at 15 secons interval

Hello @yogi,
How are you collecting writing the data to InfluxDB and Prometheus? Do you know which unit you expect the data to be returned in for your use case?
Thank you.

The queries are not the same. You should see similar result if you set group by(1m) and derivative(1s) in influxql. Right now, you are grouping by $interval in influx query which is grafana’s dynamic variable and grouping by 1m in promql.

Can try and update us with the result. @yogi

Thanks for the reply @Anaisdg.

I am using Prometheus’s SNMP_EXPORTER to collect the data & store it in Prometheus for short term retention.

I am storing the data collected by the Prometheus into InfluxDB using Prometheus’s remote read/write API.

The problem is I am not sure about the unit. When I compare it with other tools like Preseem, LibreNMS, OpenNMS, etc, the results are different (their scrape interval is also different & avg/grouping interval also changes it).

The intention is to use InfluxDB as long term retention (at least a couple of years) using downsampling (reduced data granularity over time) using CQs & RPs

Thank you very much @Mert ! They match now.

Can you please direct/guide me towards more information about group by and derivative apart from documentation? I didn’t find much info about them.

Here, a great talk about irate in promql from grafanacon

I don’t have such detailed documentation actually.