HTTPOUT node aggregation -> Subject Change to HTTP Node Not refreshing

am using stream and httpout nodes. was wondering how can I show LAST value on HTTPOUT using chaining method of HTTPOUT to pick last record based on time.

Data Flow for procstat

Stream ( with where , every clause) — Group By (host , app_name , environment, process_name i.e custom tags along with process name)

stream is returning more than one measurement, now how can I use LAST on time on all those grouped by fields ?


I would try calculate |last(xxx) .as(xxx) and just after the as |httpOut(xxx). Is what you want?

If you want both (mean of all values and the last) you need to extract both from the time series.

Hope this helps


I was off the grid for sometime.


thing i have done in all my scripts. was just trying to try other way around.