How to use "Custom telegraf input plugin" on other system using java

I have wriiten a plugin called “json_endpoint” , which is used to get the endpoints of json output
For example:
Lets assume this URL “http://tes-URl:8081/metrics” return this


    A :  {
           B: {


To fetch value of 1 and “hi”, I can specify the EndpointsReq = [“A.B.C”,“A.B.D”].

I have developed this in my local system and now i need to use this in my other java project which will be running on other system.
Can you help me telling how to use telegraf which includes above plugin in JAVA?

@mohith_rajendra I’m unclear what you are asking here but we do have some java support through the jolokia plugin. There are also a couple of open feature requests for Java related plugins. Does that help?

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@jackzampolin Thanks,I have changed my question to make it more clear and i will look into jolokia plugin

One thing you could do is expose the metrics in Prometheus format and poll them with telegraf.

@jackzampolin Thanks again, I want to run the telegraf instance using JAVA,
One option is to have shell script to run the telegraf commands, i want to know is there any other option