How to reduce influx query response time, when we have to fetch lakhs of records

I have to fetch lakhs of records from influx with filters but the response time of influxdb is very slow how to increase that.

Hello @bhumika,
Welcome and sorry for the delay! What version of InfluxDB are you using?
InfluxDB Cloud 3.x was created to solve a lot of the response time issues that exist with InfluxDB v2. I’d recommend checking out.
InfluxDB 3.0 is up to 45x Faster for Recent Data Compared to InfluxDB Open Source | InfluxData.

Hello @Anaisdg ,
Thanks for replying.
I’ll read the reference you shared with me.

We are using rails gem:- influxdb version 0.7.0
Do you have any reference with integration in rails?