How to queue up data in telegraf if my influx goes down?

Hi, can telegraf saves data if the influx connection goes down and saves back to influx once its up?

Hi , it can buffer data as you probably know ,
With:metric_buffer_limit = 10000

   ## For failed writes, telegraf will cache metric_buffer_limit metrics for each
   ## output, and will flush this buffer on a successful write. Oldest metrics
   ## are dropped first when this buffer fills.
   ## This buffer only fills when writes fail to output plugin(s).

Or are you asking if it can be saved on disk ? Here is a discussies about it , it is not yet implemented but
Maybe, this is not high priority right now and requires a substantial amount of design work. One aspect that has changed is that Telegraf will now only acknowledge messages from a queue after it they have been processed (sent from all outputs or filtered), it should be possible to use a queue to transfer messages durably with Telegraf.

You can click on the text to see the complete discussies on github…

Thank you for the reference, I was looking for something on the disk level.