How to get disk space taken by measurement

I am using InfluxDB 2.0.8 and I would like to check how much disk space each measurement, or bucket uses.

I know how to get the size of entire database:

du -sh ./data/

and apparently in earlier versions of influx there was an “_internal” measurement that could help with getting value for specific measurement, but I don’t see it in influxDB 2.0.8 default internal metrics.

This is part of the default influx metrics found in the main influx bucket, but I can’t find anything helpful here.

Zrzut ekranu 2021-09-27 o 12.53.05

Is there any way to achieve what I want? Getting table/measurement disk size seems like a very basic feature that should be available, especially considering it was there in previous influx versions.

I managed to figure out how to show disk size of a bucket. If you run: du -sh ./* in folder .../data/engine/data/. You will get a list of bucket IDs and their sizes on disk.

Still no idea how to get the size of a specific measurement, but this will be good enough for now.