How to change influxDB system time?

Using the below command I am able to get the influxDB current time. But can anyone please tell me how to reset this time?

PID currentTime                    started                        uptime
--- -----------                    -------                        ------
### 2020-08-19T08:11:03.105426868Z 2020-08-18T10:31:03.476585275Z 21h39m59.628841593s

Believe that’s in UTC. Why do you need to change it? You should see a difference by stop/starting influxdb , or rebooting they system

I want influxdb time to be in sync with the server time on which it is installed.Can you please tell me how to achieve this?

I don’t think influxdb can be changed. But this might be next close thing , using tz() to convert from/to the time zone your data is in . You may also be able to put your time zone after the Z to achieve the same thing as well.

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