How To: Building Flux Queries in Chronograf

Thanks @davidgs for a really helpful post! I have a somewhat basic question: I have a host with Chronograf 1.7.3 connected to InfluxDB 1.7.1. I’ve enabled Flux in the Influx config (per Flux 0.7 Technical Preview | InfluxData) and restarted the service, etc, yet the “Flux” button under “Explore” in Chronograf is still grayed out, with a message “The current source does not support Flux”. Any ideas what I can do to troubleshoot?

Some data points:

  • Chronograf can successfully query the server using the normal QL.
  • The Influx server is running with SSL and authentication enabled.
  • I don’t see any seemingly relevant log messages in either the Influx on the Chronograf logs (nothing mentioning Flux)
  • It’s not clear to me how to test if Flux is actually running.
    • Trying curl -X GET https://servername:8086/v2 (as mentioned here: Can't get flux to work - #6 by tim.hall) returns 404, which is probably not a good sign.
    • Running the influx CLI with -type flux does get me a Flux prompt, but I don’t know if that’s evidence of a successful connection (it wasn’t clear to me how to construct a query in the CLI)

I’d appreciate any pointers! We’ve been using Influx for a while and are really excited about the potential of Flux to unlock some serious capabilities, but it’s clearly baby steps for now.

Thanks in advance!