How parse/regex CSV data when uploading with telegraf/inputs.tail?

My .csv file looks like this:

2023-05-16 14:25:22,24.93℃,21.68℃,
2023-05-16 14:26:23,24.87℃,21.68℃,

I am uploading it with telegraf and the [[inputs.tail]] plugin:

  files = ["/*.csv"]
  data_format = "csv"
  csv_column_names = ["Time", "InnerTemp", "OuterTemp"]

This works fine. But my temperature values are transmitted as strings with the “℃” unit.
Obviously I could parse that further down the line, but is there any way to do this right here already?

No. The CSV parser does have no means to tamper with the input data other than splitting it apart. Use a processor for removing unwanted data and converting the fields.

Use processor.strings, TrimSuffix telegraf/ at release-1.26 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub