How I can make one continuous query depend on another continuous query ? Make continuous query in order?

I’m using InfluxDB to store API request metric data (every minutes ). I want to plot data for longer timeframes, so I want to use continuous queries to downsample the data. My plan is to store 1m, 1 hour, 1 day through create different retention policies and continuous query.

Because a day is 24 hours, I’d like to do the day aggregation by continuous queryi from the hour measurement, that way I don’t have to query a day’s worth of raw data.

The issue is that if the day CQ runs before the hour CQ(they may all star at 00:00:00, but hour CQ finish behind ), it will be missing the last hour ’s data.

So I’d either need to specify the order I want the CQs to run in, or somehow express a dependency between them that could be used to set their ordering. Is there any way to do this in Influx, or some better approach to downsampling to multiple resolutions?

Hello @linnaname,
Perhaps you could use an offset or resample