How do you query specific columns?

Hiya :wave:. I’m using C# client, is it possible to SELECT like SQL and get just account/created_at/from_amount/to_amount and operation_id columns with their values? Cuz I can not do it with Flux :confused:

SELECT account, created_at, from_amount, operation_id, to_amount FROM mytable

Did you try to build the query using Influx Data Explorer (no coding…just picking items from each list)?

Yeah, I did it with the Influx UI but cant filter/select just the columns I want

Hi @maury,

thanks for using our client.

You can use keep() function.


Hey @bednar :wave:,

That actually did the work! :clap: Thank you.

Also, can I ask you how can I order the rows by created_at? I have mix up dates and I don’t know how to order them

I’m pushing to influx like this:


What about sort function? - sort() function | Flux 0.x Documentation