High memory cache

Hello guys,

I have an influxDB Database running on a VM. I’ve noticed that the RAM consumption have been really high lately (70%), then tried to reboot it and got to 10%…
Then I checked my monitoring server and saw that the RAM consumption seams to be growing forever.

Since the utilization went down after the reboot, could it be a cache problem? I have the same problem with my Telegraf server (which was static at 60%, after the reboot at 10%).
Just to let you know, my VMs got 24Gb RAM…
Does anyone have an idea of the problem?


I just figured out why, I didn’t expect it but my base is already quite big, and if I respect the documentation:

InfluxDB OSS guidelines
vCPU or CPU	RAM	Unique series
2-4 cores	2-4 GB	< 100,000
4-6 cores	8-32 GB	< 1,000,000
8+ cores	32+ GB	> 1,000,000

So everything’s good here! (This does not explain the continuous growth of the RAM consumption)
Giving the link to the doc in case someone else panic as I did:

Hello @codi640 thanks for sharing your solution with the community we really appreciate it!

Hello @Anaisdg,

If you have any ideas about why RAM consumption keeps increasing, I’d love to know.
I checked from yesterday to today, and my consumption went from 7% to 10% of 24 GB of RAM.
I’m okay with adding more RAM, but at the end I’ll still have a problem :grimacing:!