High CPU and RAM consume while writing

Dear team,

I’m using InfluxDB to store website ranking (SERP data), I can say it’s alot.

The idea is when you do the search with “keyword research”, we will have a lot of website in the resuls.

We will store first 100 results into SERP.

Here’s the data schema:

schema: [
        measurement: 'keyword_daily',
        fields: {
            domain: Influx.FieldType.STRING,
            link: Influx.FieldType.STRING,
            title: Influx.FieldType.STRING,
            desc: Influx.FieldType.STRING,
            keyword: Influx.FieldType.STRING,

            position: Influx.FieldType.INTEGER,
            keyword_id: Influx.FieldType.INTEGER,
            campaign_id: Influx.FieldType.INTEGER,
            unique_key: Influx.FieldType.STRING,
        tags: []

Here’s the sample data: https://jsoneditoronline.org/?id=8775bf975ec946a38fde76acde0819da

Curently, I have 10 bot that run frequently to crawl google data, after that, it will save to InfluxDb via InfluxDB-PHP SDK.

The problem: I can see that the RAM usage and the CPU consume is at the top, here’s the graph to say it all.

CPU Usage:

RAM Usage: https://nimb.ws/ojeAyN

I don’t know why/what is the problem.

My installation specs:

  • 32Gb RAM 4 core 8 threads
  • Centos 7
  • InfluxDB 1.7.8

Thank you for your time!