Help with Influx Query

Can someone help me understand why this query is erroring out?

  • This query doesn’t return anything
    SELECT sum("bytes") AS "bytes_sum", count("bytes") AS "number of requests" FROM "two_weeks"."requests" WHERE ("repo" =~ /^(images)$/ AND "site" =~ /^(IND)$/ AND ("method" = 'PUT' OR "method" = 'POST') AND ("host" =' local' OR "host" = 'test' OR "host" = 'test-ind' ) AND "user" =~ /^(deployer)$/) AND time >= now() - 4d GROUP BY "repo"

I want to return sum of a field which has repo as images,site as IND ,method is put/post and host can be any of the three and user is deployer

Can you provide the error you are getting?

Also, which version of Influx are you using?