Help with Deadman Alert Timing


Need urgent help on deadman alter timings.

Below script is working fine, but am getting alert after 5 mins, where as i should trigger 4th Min.

Deadman takes minimum 5 min before it execute custom alert script. And it stop working if i reduce deadman timing to 2 mins.


var data = stream
		.groupby('region', 'server', 'type')
	|where(lambda: isPresent("status_str"))

var apac = data
	|where(lambda: "region" == 'APAC')
	|eval(lambda: "region")
var deadman_out = data
	|deadman(0.0, 3m)
		.critReset(lambda: "emitted" > 1)
		.exec('CUSTOM ALERT SCRIPT')	 **## working fine, but alert coming after 5mins, expected 3 mins**

Hi Pawan,

Were you able to figure out a workaround for this.?
I am in a similar situation adn would greatly appreciate any help.