Hi All,

My simple config (extract of a few lines as following):
patterns = ["%{HAPROXYTIME}"]
measurement = “metrics_haproxy_logs”
custom_patterns = ‘’’
HAPROXYTIME (?!<[0-9])%{HOUR:haproxy_hour}:%{MINUTE:haproxy_minute}(?::%{SECOND:haproxy_second})(?![0-9])

However, I had the following error when apply above config:
E! Error parsing log line: error parsing regexp: invalid or unsupported Perl syntax: (?!

Please would you shed some light?
Thanks a lot in advance

Unfortunately the Go language does not support negative lookahead assertions in its regular expression library. This was done to avoid non linear runtime, there is bit more info on this stack overflow question:

Thanks and shall not use that config