Group time by date


hi, i’d like to get a count of records per day/month. how can i do that? thanks.



I would suggest you to make a request with a WHERE close, with a timestamp range.
Remember that the timestamp values can change drastically according to the time precision you set.

Such as :

FROM measurement
WHERE time > ##timestamp value here##
AND time < ##other timestamp value here##


thanks for taking the time but this doesn’t answer the question.

i need something like select distinct(date_part(time)), count(1) from tick group by date_part(time)

and a result like

1-1-2001, 100
2-1-2001, 200


I think influxDB doesn’t support that kind of functions right now.

But you can very easily do the same in your code. You just have to use timestamp & convert it to have the range you want. Well, maybe you will have to do more requests but at least it’s possible.

Example :
FROM measurement
WHERE time > ##timestamp value here##
AND time < ##other timestamp value here##

And with your timestamps values you can specify the range (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, whatever).
And yeah it’s not perfect, you would have to do one request per day with my solution, but i don’t have any better to offer you.

You may find something usefull in your case here

You may also want to check the advanced group by time syntax in the doc.


again, thanks for the answer. that kind of solved :slight_smile: it took unexpectedly -considering this is a time series db- long time even with 20 days of data in db and got this result…

1504224000000000000 8524737
1504310400000000000 3679264
1504396800000000000 3588612
1504483200000000000 7309624

issuing “precision RFC3339” formatted the results to

2017-09-01T00:00:00Z 8524737
2017-09-02T00:00:00Z 3679264

I think this solved my problem, thank you very much.