Graphite output format with tags to Kafka output generates blank lines

Hello !

Currently working on integrating Telegraf to Kafka, I can observe blank lines being inserted between metrics blocks in the topic.

For integration reasons, my output format is Graphite:

  ## URLs of kafka brokers
  brokers = ["xx.xx.xx.xx:xxxx"]
  ## Kafka topic for producer messages
  topic = "telegraf"
  data_format = "graphite"
  graphite_tag_support = true

When messages are produced to the topic (successfully), there are systematically one or more blank lines randomly produced between block of metrics.

There does not seem to have a specific pattern as blank lines are inserted into the same type metrics, for example disk.xxxx will show several metrics entries for the time measure, then one or more blank lines, then a new block of disk.xxxx metrics.

Although that is not a big “issue”, the consumer of the topic needs to handle this properly, which might not always be the case, so I was just curious about that ?

Thank you