Getting weird results from GCP europe-west1

I’m using hosted InfluxDB on europe-west1. Now this weekend I’m see weird behaviour in my dashboard, missing or incomplete data or data that changes between refreshed… I see this behaviour on all dashboards.

I saw this on the InfluxDB status page:

Discontinuation of AWS ap-southeast-2 (Sydney) and GCP europe-west1 (Belgium)

Retention on all my buckets is: forever.

Could this be the cause? I hope I’m not losing my data… I did not get emails from InfluxDB about this change. Can anyone elaborate on this?


Same here. All my buckets just got deleted.

I too have received NO email notification about this despite receiving other InfluxDB emails. This is a catastrophic communication breakdown, particularly since there were no brownouts in the lead up.

I guess we’ll see if InfluxData kept backups for this…

I have a Saturday night crisis meeting to enjoy shortly with my management.

Same issues here. I use

I was getting missing data yesterday and now I get nothing today?

I think GCP europe-west1 data is gone with the wind now lol

Same issue here.

You cannot just shut down a service without informing your customer via mail. What are solutions for us that do not involve data loss?

As stated in InfluxDB Cloud regions | InfluxDB Cloud (TSM) Documentation

To continue service after June 30, 2023 , InfluxDB Cloud accounts in these regions must be migrated to different regions. For information about migrating to a different region, see Migrate to an account in a new region.

Yes but we were never informed about this. We have a running use case and are not in the habit of checking the documentation every week just in case our service gets cancelled without prior warning.

InfluxData should also have seen that instances in these regions still had read and write access and informed all affected customers.

This is highly unprofessional


I’m having the same problem. I never got an email informing me of this. How do I recover my data?

Another victim here.

According to the support, the notification emails to the users were sent on Feb 23, Apr 6 and May 15th. However, we did not receive those at all.

The support also mentioned that restoring data from Belgium now is impossible as the region has been discontinued.

I would say the service quality is a bit dodgy… We are considering other alternative solutions now.

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Wow. We were considering InfluxDB and the cloud offering for a future workload. That’s off the table now.

Hope you guys don’t suffer from any data loss.

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Migrate to self hosted asap

Hi all, I am ever so sorry the closure of these clusters has unexpectedly hit you. To confirm the information given by support. Communication was delivered in the following ways;

  1. The UI was updated with a closure message for these regions.
  2. The website also provides the notification.
  3. We sent out emails on the following dates:
    Feb 23, April 6, May 15.

We understand that a scream test would have been another form of communication that we overlooked. Some of the reasons for the closure of been outlined here: Slack

Thanks, @Jay_Clifford, but it seems that you your efforts were’nt enough.

  1. We do not connect on the UI on a regularly basis, as we use grafana to query the data. But I worked personally with the UI since February, and I didn’t see any message in the UI. If I noticed this message, I would have take action! Where and when was we supposed to see this message ?
  2. We weren’t aware of this service “”, until we encountered problems this week-end;
  3. We didn’t received any email from you on the days you mention. Absolutely any email. We performed a search on multiple mailboxes, including the one where we received your newsletter.

I searched your blog: nothing about this discontinuation. I searched on the web: nothing, nor on your twitter account.

It’s the first time that I experience a closure without being noticed. After using the OSS version of influx, we use your service for peace-of-mind and professional service. Now, we are not peace-of-mind.

What shall you do to apologize and/or help us to recover our data ?


Can 100% agree with @Julienfastre, we’ve checked every possible email on our side and there is absolutely no mention of the closure.

Influx Cloud, as a data-storage service and data-management service, needs to do a lot more than “understand” and be “ever so sorry”, you need to communicate clearly with customers, and actually store and manage the data responsibly and reliably.

Looking forward to your resolving of this issue.


I agree with @Julienfastre.

My situation is nearly the same:
1. There wasn’t any notice in the UI. I really doubt that all people in this threa have missed notification in the ui if it has been shown.
2. We also wasn’t aware of “” until this issue appeared. Even through, are we supposed to subsribe and receive emails about all regions where InfluxDB operates? In this case it’s really easy to miss your region updates in all of the flood.
3. No email has been received. I’ve personnally checked multiple mailboxes, spam folder: anywhere it may have been. Only newspapers and community updates, where was nothing about closure.

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Yep, I just found out we’ve lost 10GB of customer data because we didn’t think to regularly check the UI nor status page for information.

Emails definitely not received, but I have received their latest invoice just a couple of days ago, along with plenty of marketing emails. Funny that.

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Hi all, completely understand the upset. I have collated the feedback on all fronts for the team to review when they wake up later today. I will keep you informed here if there is any further news.

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We have a similar experience; no notable communication via the UI, which we use almost daily, and no emails to emails connected to the organisation. How will influx solve this and migrate data? Data loss is not an acceptable option.


I have not directly been affected by this debacle, but I would like to add the
observation that I have never previously come across a professional hosting
provider who announces the closure of some service and then simultaneously
blocks access to the data (or even more extreme, turns off the servers holding
it), thereby preventing people from retreiving their historical data for some
reasonable period of time after the service itself is no longer available.

I genuinely think that InfluxDB needs to take some unplanned and possibly
rather expensive steps to reinstate the customer data which has been affected
by this appalling lack of communication, so that people can continue running
their services on-premises, at another hosting location, or with another

As @Viktor_ingemarsson put it very succinctly: “data loss is not an acceptable
option” and I think InfluxDB has to address that promptly and comprehensively.



Was this posted on the stage page with deletion starting 2 minutes after that? Some would argue that’s not enough notice…

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In progress
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