Getting weird results from GCP europe-west1

Thanks, @Jay_Clifford, but it seems that you your efforts were’nt enough.

  1. We do not connect on the UI on a regularly basis, as we use grafana to query the data. But I worked personally with the UI since February, and I didn’t see any message in the UI. If I noticed this message, I would have take action! Where and when was we supposed to see this message ?
  2. We weren’t aware of this service “”, until we encountered problems this week-end;
  3. We didn’t received any email from you on the days you mention. Absolutely any email. We performed a search on multiple mailboxes, including the one where we received your newsletter.

I searched your blog: nothing about this discontinuation. I searched on the web: nothing, nor on your twitter account.

It’s the first time that I experience a closure without being noticed. After using the OSS version of influx, we use your service for peace-of-mind and professional service. Now, we are not peace-of-mind.

What shall you do to apologize and/or help us to recover our data ?