Get last records with timestamp from one measurement having different named fields

I’m trying to get the lastest value from a series for all available fields in a measurement.

This is the schema we have currently:

measurement, tag1, tag2, tag3, field1 time
measurement, tag1, tag2, tag3, field2 time
measurement, tag1, tag2, tag3, field3 time

Query that I am currently trying is:

Select Last(field1), Last(field2), Last(field3)
From measurement
Group by *

This query is pretty fast and returns the latest results correctly but I can’t find a way to also include a latest timestamp with result for each field.

Expected output of query I want is:

Filed1_value time, Field2_value time, …

Is it possible to get this result without using multiple queries or do I need to change my schema somehow, thanks.