flux and data being streamed


I try to change TICKscripts to flux scripts in InfluxDB 1.7.7

Is it possible to write flux script that process inputs (ex. each insert to measurement) as TICKscript’s stream?
what is flux alternative for stream node ?
what is flux alternative for influxDBOut node ?

Simple TICKscript example for translate to Flux:


I am looking for the same. So far i haven’t found any solution.

The task documentation doesn’t mention this as the every option does not seem to provide it. I fear it is not possible atm but i really would need it.

Is there a way to achive this? Or if not, is this feature planned and if so, is it scheduled? Without it i can not move to Influxdb 2 and flux…

Streaming currently isn’t supported, but it is on the roadmap. Can you tell me a bit more about your use case? What is driving the need for streaming vs. performing a batch very frequently?

nice to here that it is on the roadmap.

I am following your article Enriching Your Data with Kapacitor to enriching nagios checks executed by my telegraf. Every dataset is updated with additional tags based on data from another system before writing it to the influxdb. A batch task would mean write-read-delete-write, with a stream it is only one write to the influxdb.

If there is another way to do this in a performant way i am listening :wink:

In that case, why not just have Telegraf add the tags itself? Or, if you just need it for display purposes later, with Flux you can join in that data at query time. Here’s an example joining in data from MySQL: https://www.influxdata.com/blog/multi-data-source-flux-introduced-in-influxdb-2-alpha-14/

Joining the data on read time is not possible, because it is time specific (downtime, ack, …). It needs to be added to the dataset on write time. And the telegraf does not have access to the data for security reasons.

Good to know that streaming is on the roadmap but is it possible to tell us a time range? This year? Next year? :slight_smile: