Flapping alert state


Question about https://docs.influxdata.com/kapacitor/v0.12/nodes/alert_node/#flapping

How can I understand that alert in the flapping state? Should there be any signs in ‘kapacitor list’ or ‘kapacitor show’? Because I can’t find any mentions about it even in debug log…

Thank you.

There are no logs about an alert entering or leaving the flapping state. Could you file an issue on github requesting that feature so we can track it? Thanks


Resurrecting this one from the dead :smile:

Maybe I’m missing something but there’s still no information about this in Kapacitor docs.

How does Kapacitor actually react when some monitored entity enters flapping state?


I mean is there a dedicated status (just like OK, CRITICAL, etc…) which indicates that “flapping state” has been triggered for the monitored data, or does Kapacitor simply stop sending alerts until that data leaves “flapping state” ?

Ok, I think I just got my answer … from the field.

Flapping state came into play without notification of any sort, then the alerts were simply not triggered anymore, not even a trace in kapacitor log to keep track of things.

But this is not the most annoying: alert state never got reset to OK when measurement data went back to a normal level!
I’m deactivating flapping detection for now.

Is there some specific instruction to add in a TICK script when using flapping detection?

Hi @edelare ,

what values did you put in the alertNode to trigger flapping detection ?

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Hi @MarcV,

Thanks for taking some time to look into this.

I first declared these vars at the top of tick script:

var critValue = 130
var critCondition = lambda: ("num_threads" > critValue)
var flapLowThres = 0.1
var flapHighThres = 0.2
var flapHistory = 21

Then added the flapping detection to alert node like this:

// Thresholds
var alert = data

// Flapping Management
  .flapping(flapLowThres, flapHighThres)

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Hi @edelare ,

I succeeded in getting into the flapping state but didn’t succeed to get out again.
if you remove the flapping part from your tick script flapping won’t occur anymore
but I guess you already found out :slight_smile:

Thank you @MarcV for testing.
At least it means I’m not the only one experiencing that behavior.

Too bad this doesn’t work correctly.
I thought it would since OP’s question dates back 2 years, but it’s apparently still broken.

Yes, code section for flapping commented in all tick scripts :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for your time.
Best regards.