Filtering metrics from SNMP Table

Hello, I’m using SNMP to get a list of established TCP connections. Right now I store the entire tcpConnTable and filter in Grafana for the connection state 11 (established). I figure I can cut down on storing all of the other states by filtering in telegraf, but it doesn’t seem to be working.

I also have reverse DNS processor configured. I’m getting a lot of error logs from unable to lookup and 172.*** so I’d like to filter those too. Using namedrop = [“”, “172.*”] in either the processor or in the SNMP input seem to work. Below is the TCP input config. Am I doing something wrong?

(Note, I’m defining everything manually as a field, otherwise they get stored as tags)

## TCP Details
    oid = "TCP-MIB::tcpConnTable"
    index_as_tag = false
    name = "tcpConnState"
    oid = "TCP-MIB::tcpConnState"
    namepass = ["11i"]        
    name = "tcpConnLocalAddress"
    oid = "TCP-MIB::tcpConnLocalAddress"
    name = "tcpConnLocalPort"
    oid = "TCP-MIB::tcpConnLocalPort"
    name = "tcpConnRemAddress"
    oid = "TCP-MIB::tcpConnRemAddress"
    namedrop = ["", "172.*"]
    name = "tcpConnRemPort"
    oid = "TCP-MIB::tcpConnRemPort"