Filter by certain column shows No Results


I have this odd issue where I have snmp data going into a bucket that holds hostname, accessible data and the name of the volume. When I run a basic filter against the hostname it works and I get a filtered list based on what I input for the host name. However, when I do the same for volume I get “No Results” even though the name is correct and exists in the data set. Just to verify I added an “exist” check for values in the column and that passes but just cannot filter based on that column.

Can anyone help on what I can try next or check next as to why this very basic filter won’t show anything even though it is there?

Hello…adding some more info that may be pertinent here.

The SNMP data I am pulling is from the snmp.tables where I think the issues is or perhaps it is a bug in Influx as to why you can’t filter from within a table. So there is table data for each host, the hostname is an snmp.field and I can filter that without issue. What I am trying to do is filter what info is in the snmp.table for that host but regardless of what I use to filter within the snmp.tables data being brought in it shows no results when clearly the data is there. Anything outside of the table data filters without issue.

I’m using the pivot() function in order to get these tables to be displayed as columns, I thought that may have been contributing by filtering post pivot but moving the filter before the pivot still shows no results.