Extract error lines from a write query that failed with partial write

Hello community,

i’m using influxdb to collect metrcis data,
sometimes i have some metrics with old timestamp (out of the retention policy),
and type conflicts errors,
i want to extract the errors lines to send them to a log file,
i know that a partial write do the job for the others “good” lines (my batchpoint contains an average of 1000 lines),
but i didn’t figure out how to extract error lines because they don’t appear in the response body of the write query,

My main question is:
there is a way to get the rejected lines from influxDB? So i can log them in a log file.
Because now, influx’s response contains only the first line rejected (not all the rejected lines)

is that clear enough?

Thanks for your help

No, this is not currently possible.

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Thanks for the reply

have a nice we