Execution Order of TICK Scripts

We worked on a single stream script here, but I came to the conclusion, that it does not work. The .shift parameter only changes the time, but I need to also cache the predicted value for the given time, until the real value comes in. But maybe you have another approach, or I misunderstood something.

Currently I have stream replay files, but I have already looked into converting them to batch files without success, yet. Don’t know how to set the expected number of batch collectors in the replay file:

running replay: unexpected number of batch collectors. exp 3 got 1

Edit: forgot to give to content of the batch replay file and tick script with the given error above:

replay file:


tick script:

    SELECT value
    FROM "mydb"."autogen"."table_test"
    .crit(lambda: "value" > 0.5)