Docker Images on not Master?


Just wondering why the links and images on are not based on the master on When (in which cycles) will this be built?


At the moment that I write this, the influxdb image on docker hub is based on 75787df. If you look on GitHub, there are no changes to the InfluxDB image between this commit and master.

The reason why you’re seeing what you’re seeing is because I don’t update all of the images one very commit to master. I’m not sure if this is what actually happens (I never tested it), but I suspected that changing the commit hash would rebuild the image which would cause people to pull a new image. Since there are no changes to the InfluxDB image itself between these commits, the release script I use does not update the commit hash so it can avoid this rebuild.

So there’s no difference between the current master and the commit that it is referencing on GitHub. The image will be updated and changed when the InfluxDB image itself changes within that repository.

I hope that makes sense! It’s not the most simple, but it works well.