Disk Idle Time Above 100%

How is this possible or what I’m doing wrong?

max value in this sample is 102%. As far as I know disk idle time has range 0 to 100


That’s strange for sure.

To check the data clone the panel and turn it into a table, then clone it again and add the host tag in the “group by” so you can the values in full detail. If everything here is ok, continue below.

Yesterday I found something that might explain this, in short, some perf counter do not take into consideration the number of actual physical disks and therefore the value you see can be the total of multiple disks. (I’ve not found any reference to this specific counter though)

have a look here to get more info about “problematic” disk counters

SELECT mean("Percent_Idle_Time") AS "Idle Time %" FROM "win_disk" WHERE ("host" =~ /^$host$/ AND "instance" =~ /.:/) AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($sampling_interval), "instance", "host" fill(null)

Here is the table.