Delete all notifications in queue

Hi there,
I’ve got a huge notification queue that has built up over time and I would like to delete all notification messages from this queue. Any idea how I can achieve this in Influx-2.0 BETA?

I’ve found documentation on how to use CLI to delete data

I’m using that in combination with delete predicate syntax:

The problem is that the system buckets doesn’t have an organization it’s a required parameter for the influx delete command.

root@asdfsaf:/# influx bucket list -o organization -t "token"
ID                      Name                            Retention       Organization ID
0b64e3f540a4d95a        shopping                        2160h0m0s       d0b0a383d372a7c6
36d55738e2b29aba        shopping_monitoring_simple      2160h0m0s       d0b0a383d372a7c6
593ed8f6389ce638        shopping_monitoring             2160h0m0s       d0b0a383d372a7c6
000000000000000a        _tasks                          72h0m0s
000000000000000b        _monitoring                     168h0m0s

root@asdfsaf:/#influx delete --bucket-id "000000000000000b" -o "" -p "_measurement=notifications" --start "2020-03-01T00:00:00Z" --stop "2020-04-19T00:00:00Z" --token "token"
Error: Please specify one of org or org-id.

Any pointers?

Hello @aastroem,
I cloned the alert and then deleted the old one with a bunch of alerts. That worked for me.