Define startup update interval and time range of a chronograf dashboard


I use influxdb 1.8.x and the associated chronograf.

I’d like to configure the selection list for update interval and time ranges per dashboard. Both the update frequencies and the reasonable time ranges depend on the information display, also the startup default. The build-in defaults of 10s update and 15m range are simply inadequate for some of my dashboards.

I haven’t found a way to configure this as a dashboard property.
Any help/hint is very welcome.

Hello @wfjm,
I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking but you can change the refresh frequency by clicking on that button. You can also change the range by clicking on the time and selecting from the date picker.

Does that help?

Hi @Anaisdg,

I know how to select a refresh frequency. What I’m looking is a way to

  • change the default for a dashboard (as dashboard property)
  • to change the list of the values shown in the drop-down menue (again as dashboard property)

Hello @wfjm,
Unfortunately that isn’t possible. I recommend opening a feature request please. Thank you.