Database solution


We have a project that is using Oracle like database but we would like to migrate to something else.
So i was taking in consideration Influxdb , knowing that are data are time series, but i’m wondering about the volume etc.
To give a bit more info, actually in oracle we have around 54 billion data per year , means 1 TB/ year in total volume .
We need to keep the data for life .
I wanted to ask you if do you think is a good solution to use influx , knowing from what I’ve read that is a good solution for big volume but for a short period of time !
Maybe someone can give me pro/ contra argument for influx solution in my case.
Any help will be appreciated .
Thank you .

Hello @cata

I’m not an expert about InfluxDB but I have been using it for 2 years.

InfluxDB is optimized for oriented time series data.
There are some rentencion policies in InfluxDB and you can define yours, but by default, data are stored for life.

I’m not on the same level of Big Data like you, but I realized a benchmark test:

  • I was able to insert 1M per second

  • I inserted 4 billions in just 1 hour

  • Only 2Go on my disk was taken

  • the request time increases in function of your series cardinality number

But maybe a staff member should more accurate than me.