Daily task with variable day frequency using cron expression

Hi everyone,

Could anyone help correct this cron expression “00 22 */1 * *” which suppose to schedule a task with daily interval and possibility for the client to specify day frequency, every day, every two days, every 3 days, …

InfluxDB is returning the following error which indicate that cron expression is invalid but when I validate the expression online it seems to give the appropriate schedule. at least for this first expression.

HTTP status code: 400;
Message: invalid options; Err: failed to parse field ‘every’ in task options: failed to parse field ‘every’ in task options


Why is InfluxDB trying to parse your crontab?

I don’t understand the connection between these two.

What are you doing to generate this error message?


It’s InfluxDB task using cron interval.

There were two issues, first double 0 seems not acceptable as minute specifier and the second I set the “every” property instead of “cron” property.