Custom plugin configuration

Hi, I have created a custom plugin and it works well. And dockerize that custom plugin then also it works well.
What I want to do is create one more custom plugin and dockerize that plugin. And set these two dockerize custom plugins in my telegef.conf file as input plugins.

Is it possible? If it is possible then how to implement it?
Can anybody help me?

Hello Edison,

When you create your plugin, you need to initialize it with the name that you want.

For example:

func init() {
        inputs.Add("custom1", func() telegraf.Input {
                return NewExec()

and then do something similar to the custom2.

When they are all under telegraf.d/ tree, the code will be executed and your plugins will be available.

Thank you for your response.
I created a custom plugin using this doc. For this method, do I want to have Telegraf in globally in my machine?
In my machine, I have Telegraf globally that has the only telegraf.d/ folder. But in this folder has no files.