Curl write old points works in influx 1.2.0 but does not work in 1.2.2 fails silently with no errors


I’m writing old values to do some analysis by mining logs for the points. I trimmed down the file I was writing to just a single point to show the problem.

I created a file with this in it with one additional line for the \n

mymes,id=8f015fbf3258,serverID=eb1578cfb735,component=site,status=COMPLETED localTime=1484327700274i,jobRunTime=0i 1484327700274000000

I make a curl call like this
curl -i -XPOST http://localhost:8086/write?db=mydb --data-binary @1.influx

works in 1.2.0
master b7bb7e8359642b6e071735b50ae41f5eb343fd42 1.2.0

doesn’t work 1.2.2
master 1bcf3ae74c6b9c4897dab68d513d056277eb24f7 1.2.2

No error and fails silently.


@Alexander_Anguiano can you open an issue on InfluxDB for this? Thats not expected behavior.


Yes, I will open an issue (silly 20 char limit)

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