Create 1 table from 2 other tables

I have 2 separate tables fed into Influx from telegraf
the 1st table contains AP name and Mac-address (among other measurements)
The 2nd table contains client stats - which includes the same Mac-address as above.
I’m trying to figure out how to create a new table from both where I can reference the AP name and get a list of clients & their stats in order to visualize clients per AP and their stats or at a minimum show which clients are connected to each AP. Thanks in advance

Hi. Search for the function join. It is available in Flux. Flux can be enabled on 1.7.x or is the default language on Influx2.0 (Beta)

Thanks! I’ve enabled it & restarted InfluxDB. I am now in studying up on how to use flux to accomplish my goal

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