CQ does not produce any result

Hi All I’m very new and in trouble with InfluxDB and its CQs
The problem is: I can’t create/fill any measurement with a CQ
The scenario is the following

  • OS Ubuntu 16.04LTS

  • Infludb 1.7 running in a docker image

  • 1 parking_raw_data measurement with 10 entry

  • 2 retention policy

    *  1 raw_data_rp of 6months
    * 1 one_year_rp of 1year
  • 1 continuous query

    test_cq on parking Resample Every 2m For 4m Begin select sample(occupancy, 4) into
    “parking”.“one_year_rp”.“parking_test” from “parking”.“raw_data_rp”.“parking_raw_data” where
    “op_status”=‘1’ group by time(2m)

The query by itself works fine BUT, when used as body of a qc it , does not.
Any idea?

Thanks in advance