CPU Affinity with Influxdb Deployment


Is there a way to restrict the resources available to influxdb through the config settings?

I would essentially like to pin it to a select number of cores as it’s hogging other mission sensitive resources on occasion.


You can restrict it via Virtual Machine or Container.


Thanks for the reply. Without going to that extent, I was able to get taskset to work with pinning the existing treads of influx to a series of cores. Influxdb does spawn new worker threads constantly, so this isn’t an all encompassing solution. However, it more or less accomplished what I needed.

As a more robust solution I will investigate the VM or container concept. Do you have a preferred way of deploying simple VM and managing it? Alternatively, a container sounds closer to what I would actually want, so if you can point me to simple instructions that have worked for @sbains , that would be helpful.


I personally don’t use containers but the support is available e.g. Someone has already put together these details: