Count unique values and duplicates

Hey, I am trying to operate on values like amount of duplicates in table, or amount of unique values in table…

So I have a table, or measurement named “users” and it stores just uuid (and time but it’s default).
And I know how many users rejoined (so how many users are duplicates and show these values in table, graph or something like that). The problem is that I have 34 values in table, some of them appear 4 times, some of them just once, and the query doesn’t show anything at all.
Here’s the query I try to run right now:
SELECT COUNT(“count”) AS “0” FROM (SELECT count(“uuid”) FROM “users” WHERE (“uuid” =~ /^uuids/)) WHERE “count” <= 1;
/^uuids/ - query variable - SELECT “uuid” FROM “users”
It should show amount of unique users that have never rejoined.
Similar to above query would look the query that should show amount of users that rejoined max 5 times, there is just one condition more ("… AND “count” < 5").

Is there any mistake in these queries? Am I doing something wrong? Because it doesn’t show anything, how can I access these data?