Configure telegraf to collect remote docker metrics using certs from UCP

How do I configure telegraf to connect and collect docker metrics using certs obtained from UCP

@carl It looks like the Universal Control Plane is a relatively new piece of closed source software so I’m not quite sure how it works. Also, I don’t know if the [[inputs.docker]] plugin supports use of certs. The standard way to connect to the daemon is to use the unix socket. Can you describe in a bit more detail what you are trying to do?

Hello Jack - I want to have the plugin pull performance data from UCP. Today, I have a python script that does the job. I connect to UCP

#set certificates
tls_config = docker.tls.TLSConfig(
client_cert=(’/home/xxxx/yyyy/cert.pem’, ‘/home/xxxx/yyyy/key.pem’)


#get connection to UCP
client = docker.APIClient(base_url=‘tcp://IP:443’,tls=tls_config)

Question how/where do I configure certs?

@carl The [[inputs.docker]] plugin doesn’t currently support SSL certs. Can you please open an issue requesting this feature?