Configuration of Chronograf for Multiple Databases


I am currently using InfluxDB version 1.8.4 and Chronograf version 1.8.5.

I have created two databases in InfluxDB with different retention policies, and I would like to use Chronograf to display data from both databases. However, the current configuration of Chronograf only allows me to select one user and one retention policy.

Can you please provide me with instructions on how to configure Chronograf to collect and display data from both databases? Any assistance or guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Hello @Alexander_Var,
Thanks for your question.
I’m a bit confused. You can use Chronograf to query multiple databases.
Do you mean simultaneously?
Are you using InfluxQL?
Unfortunately that’s not possible.
It is possible with Flux.

Sorry I didn’t answer earlier.
I managed to solve the problem
Thank you for answering